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How to build a website from Scratch

Learn How To Make Your Own Website Now? A Complete Guide

Businesses are always looking for customers through different approaches, and it all starts with grabbing their attention first. If you are looking to grab your customer’s attention to get the business running in 2022, the best way is to reach them through a website. We know you are here because most of us don’t know how to build a website from scratch? Talking about website building, many people think it is not easy because a few years back, it needed lots of coding knowledge and requires professional developers to get a website done.

This is 2022, and nowadays, it’s easy to build a website on your own. No need to search for how to make a website from scratch now! Thanks to CMS (content management system) and website builders, you don’t even need any prior expertise and even no need to learn to code.

Before learning how to create a website from scratch, you must know why you need a website and how it can aid your business? 

Why you need a Website:

Websites are great for conveying your message and building your reputation, generating a massive number of sales, sharing your brand voice, increasing your online popularity, and boosting your business. That’s everything any business needs.

We all know this is an era of the Internet, and the Internet has almost all the potential customers. So your business demands you to be online on the biggest search engines like Google and Bing.

So are you the one in need of how to build a website from scratch for free? If you are a small business owner, your main focus can be how to build a website from scratch HTML?

How to build a website from Scratch | Step by Step

Now when you know the importance of having your Website, we will learn how to build a WordPress website from scratch, and for your ease, we have divided the process into nine (9) steps. So buckle up and follow the steps, and at the end of this blog, making a website will be a piece of cake for you.

  1. Set your Objectives for the Website and write down all the Requirements
  2. Research and Competitor Analysis
  3. Choose the right UI
  4. Choose your Website’s domain
  5. Choose the best Web host
  6. Display the right content and set the layout
  7. Add the necessary tools
  8. Make your Website mobile-friendly.
  9. Recheck and Publish

Step 1: Set your Objectives for the Website and write down all the Requirements

Website building should be a thoughtful process, and making a website should start by defining the following Questions:

  • Why do I need this Website?
  • What purpose should my Website serve?

Maybe you want a website to sell your services, exhibit your product, or make your presentable portfolio. Whatever Website you are making should build according to its purpose. Now its time to get rolling rather than searching for how to create your Website from scratch?

To give you a perspective of the different websites that have different layouts and characteristics, let me explain with an example. An eCommerce website is built to sell the products. Thus it has pages that show the products listing with their pricing, testimonial page, terms & condition, and privacy & policy page. While on the other hand, the services selling Website has About us, services, and testimonial pages.

So once you figure out the purpose of your Website, it’ll be easy for you to set the pathway to build a website according to your business or personal requirements.

After setting an objective for your Website, you are ready to move to the next step of research and competitor analysis.

Step 2: Research and Competitor Analysis

Research is always crucial, and good researching skills can give you an extraordinary advantage in finding your targeted audience.

The best way to get more sales is always to know your audience. Audience knowledge is a great key for any business to open the doors of success. So more you know your audience’s likes and dislikes means more conversions.

After finding the target audience, the second important thing is to find the right approach to reach your customer. For this, you must have a look at the competitor’s websites. Running and going through the already made websites will give you a clear idea about how you should approach your audience?

The major advantage of competitor analysis is finding a gap and improvising your Website with what your competitor is missing.

Step 3: Choose the right UI

Your Website’s visuals must appeal to the user’s sight; choosing the right UI(user interface) has great significance. 

To choose the right UI, you must use your research skills and run through several websites. For the UI, it is always recommended to take the inspiration from the websites that are very close to your business operations in scale. Taking inspiration from the companies working on a much larger scale is not a good idea (even if their websites are doing great) because what’s working for them might not work for you.

Making a website from scratch is difficult, but you can use CMS like WordPress or a website builder. CMS and Website builders are preloaded with many customizable UIs and pre-made layouts. You can also Google how to build your Website from scratch?

You might have heard of WordPress. So you want to know how to build a WordPress website from scratch? Good news! It’s much easier than you think. WordPress is a worldwide used CMS, and it’s so popular that most of the websites over the Internet are made on WordPress. 

WordPress is preloaded with thousands of free and paid themes for any Website, and you have to drag and drop the items to build your Website.

. After you find a useful UI for your Website, it’s time to choose the right domain for your Website.

Step 4: Choose your Website’s domain:

While going down for how to start a website from scratch and searching for your Websites domain, you’ll notice that you have two options in the domain.

  1. Free domains
  2. Customize Paid domains

A). Free Domains:

Free domains seem attractive, but there’s a catch with them. Here is a demonstration of a free domain given below:

While free domains attract everyone but it’s not recommended to use them. The free domain provider companies always add their share into your domains which no one wants. Like in the above example, is the odd part of the domain. 

The second reason not to use such domains is that it hits directly on your reputation and portrays a bad image of your company in users’ minds, and it makes your websites lose the trust of your audience.

B). Customized Paid domain:

Custom domains are far better than free ones in every aspect when you search for how to develop a website from scratch. Custom domains have custom domain extensions and allow users to choose the extension according to their needs. Following are some domains with different extensions for your demonstration.

  • Etc.

Different domain names are used for different domains, while “.com” is the most common domain among all the domains, and it is called TLD (Top-level-domain).

Step 5: Choose the best Web host:

Web hosting directly impacts the speed and security of the Website. It’s a factor of importance for how to build a portfolio website from scratch. Hence choosing a Web host has great importance in web development.

While choosing a Web host, you must check the following characteristics:

  1. The web host must have good reviews, and customers must not be complaining about the speed.
  2. Always check the value-adding services like customer services and look for a web host with good communication.
  3. The web host must have reliable servers for backup, so you will not be worried about losing your website data.
  4. Most websites need to be updated over time, so web hosts must be flexible with making changes to the Website. 

By following the above-given instructions, you’ll be able to find the best host for your Website when looking for how do you build a website from scratch.

Step 6: Display The Right Content And Set The Layout:

After all the technical setup, it’s time to put everything together and give your Website a final look.

Setting the layout is just dragging and dropping and is also the easiest step in building a website. A website consists of different pages, and every page has a different layout. Most of the websites have the following pages in common.

  • Home page
  • About us
  • Services or the product page
  • Contact us page
  • FAQs and Testimonials page

Whether choosing the right images, intuitive writing, appealing font style, or color pallets that complement the overall look of your Website, always keep in mind that “Content is King.”

The content you display on the Website is what your customer perceives about you. So keeping every piece of content in accordance with each other makes your Website a piece of art. 

While keeping everything together, you must use your knowledge from the second and third steps of research and use the good websites as an inspiration to create a masterpiece.

Step 7: Add the necessary tools

Tools are necessary and assist a lot. After completing the Website, you might want to attach your required external tools. Adding external tools is a great practice and adds a lot to your business value.

For example, adding google analytics to your Website helps you track your Website visitors. With this valuable data, you can find the pros and cons of your websites and make necessary changes accordingly. Similarly, adding a live chat extension help you to directly interact with your customers in real-time. Adding an email marketing extension helps you automatically send your emails to subscribed visitors.

Adding tools is very easy, and you need to add the extension’s link to your Website’s plugin or paste it directly into your HTML coding.

By completing this step, now you know how to build a website from scratch? The following steps will help you optimize your Website and increase its ranking.

Step 8: Make your Website Mobile-friendly:

Customers can access your Website from different devices like Laptops, Computers, Tabs, and Mobiles. The largest number of users access the websites on their mobiles. A good website is perfect in every aspect and appeals to every user equally.

While developing the Website, you must set up the mobile view of every page of your Website because mobile-friendly websites are more likely to rank up on google than those which lack the mobile view.

Step 9: Recheck and Publish:

A good website is error less and bug-free. Before publishing your Website for your users, you might want to run a test preview and check if there’s any problem remaining hiding from your sight.

With everything being set, share your Website with your friends and family. Ask them to check your Website and take their valuable feedback.

Lastly, double-check if your Website is indexable so your audience can find your Website easily. Congratulations! With this step, your first Website is online and can be found online. And you have learned how to build a website from scratch.


Share your Website on your social platforms as much as possible.

Summing UP:

Now when you know, making a website is not difficult. You can easily make whatever Website you want. The process may seem lengthy, but it’s very easy. For other helpful blogs, turn on our website notification so you’ll never miss any useful information.